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silver the little joey by Inktail by silva592
silver the little joey by Inktail
this is a pic that was done by ":iconinktail1:" when I got a curtain awesome package in the mail I have yet got take full advantage of yet this was a side bonus form him which I was happy to see, and this is gonna be strangely enough silver's furry form from now on just to trow that out there XD and that is inktail's kangaroo plush oc wilda too


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United States
Ware wa Kuu, Ware wa Kou, Ware wa Jin, Ware wa hitofuri no tsurugi ni te, Subete no tsumi wo karitori, Aku wo metsu. Wagana wa Hakumen Oshite mairu!
now before I am about to let the rage flow I'm gonna first talk about today and the goods and the negatives, so I got blocked by one of my fav artist ":iconnibblahfrog:" yeah i got worried about at first but I let it go and am currently working on a gift art for the hope to tell him I'm sorry and all that other stuff, that pic I drew today was done after I started doing the apology pic but mainly because I had finally found that spark I was needing after for so long realizing I was going or trying to go about drawing the monsters in all the wrong was with the shapes i draw for the human pics thanks to ":icondreamerdon:" so its strange to be thinking a guy who blocked you at all but honestly I think that would be the last thing I need to go on and get angry about, and plus it keeps me form having to nag a certain someone for help with how to draw commissions for monsters when I can try and do them more my self but anyway that is not what this little venting journal is about at all, now that the small stuff is out of the way its time to to the major and more agonizing reasons I've had maby one of my worst weeks this year staring Sunday
so Sunday all is normal with work, that day wasn't bad, Monday I get a email learning I need to get some more college stuff done especially a letter from the college saying the same thing so that stresses start from there, I take the morning shift at work Tuesday and had a great morning, in the evening that help me out a lot with the questions I was having about the college stuff while creating its own fair share of stresses at the same time, and I couldn't get something done at the college thing while I was there due to technical errors on maintenance's part, so I had to wait until Wednesday morning and I find out Wednesday my mom has to go to the dentist for a appointment  to get some surgery done I was not aware of the sugary part, she goes how, I have a annoying day of work but It was manageable, I get home to find out to my displeasure my mom could not help me with that college stuff and could not get my high school transcript with I'm glad she's doing better today and able to walk but cant' still eat properly and then and THEN COMES THURSDAY oh boy still with my mom being unable to help me with getting the high school transcript since some of the things were gonna be due today luckily I got them all done, I call my high school and find out I need to be there in person and get them and since my mom was still not feeling well after the dentist form the previous day I decide to get off my own ass and get on my own bike to ride up to the high school since time is precious and since I don't own a car or have a license my bike is my only mode of transportation, I start riding and am a few feet up the street and suddenly my bike trips up due to me not paying attention and I fall in the street hitting my back of my head first into the pavement and then landing on my legs and was unable to get up for a while and was in agonizing pain, not to mention my effing bike's handle bar was bent so I need to get a new one,that really pissed me off so I had to wait for the pain to subside and then get off my feet and pick up my bike and walk it back how while still in pain, I am still glad I was not far form the house because I know I would not of like to continue especially with a damn bent handle bar, I get my bike in the garage and ly down on the couch and am basically crying do to the pain I was in and feeling fucking aggravated at not able to do anything, if my dad had not come home and took me to my high school to get my transcript I don't know what i would of done in that situation, and I get the online crap done but I had to be sent home form work and took it easy the rest of yesterday, so the fat i even drew anythng today after having that god damn accident yesterday was a freaking miracle, so despite this whole week i've had up till today, I think getting mad at the who blocking thing today would literally be the death of me knowing my stress levels but I at least feel in a good mood at the end of it all, so yeah I guess this wasn't of a rant than more of a venting and getting my thoughts on the stupid week i've had so yeah silva592 out. so yeah this week was a bitch last thing to say
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