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the democian race was a race thought to be only a myth a simple legend. But the remnants of their existence can still be found in old ruins around the land. But the truth of the matter of what happened to the demoican race was that they were slaughtered by one of their own. along time ago there was one member of their race who sought to use a great power that was the democians had protected over the eons. It was the source of all existence, this individual was caught and was exiled to the place in between worlds, forever banished to the rift for seeking out the power that was taboo amount their race to never pursue. In the darkness of the rift this sole being was left to die but his hatred for his own race grew over the years and he eventually become something that could no longer be considered demoican, he became blinded by his own hatred it changed him. One day this being returned and started to kill off his own race, one by one he single handily slew every single democian he  could find no on was safe. If it were not for one brave soul who managed to stand up and fight him who managed to match this evil being in both strength and power the demoican race would of succumbed to extinction. What happen next would shape the destiny for the rest of the world and life its self for the world.  
old tales of the old race part 1 (wip)
this is a random thing I decided to try, to sort of tell more about the demoican race that some of my own characters come from because I kind of sets some of the foundation for my characters story, I may have to edit this later and actually write it on paper so this is subject to change later down the line.
I  put a work in progress just because I will likely edit this later in the far future since I just did this on the spot ^^'
who am I? sketch by silva592
who am I? sketch
so I was deciding to some last minute practice sketching for tonight and decided to do this pic here, not the best sketch in the world  but I have a fun little game I want to play here, have the people who even watch me now a days wouldn't even know who this character is even some who have left. so here is a little game I want any and all of my watchers to tell me if they know the name of this character, and no looking through my gallery that would be cheating and that would be no fun XD. any and all guesses are welcome.


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Ware wa Kuu, Ware wa Kou, Ware wa Jin, Ware wa hitofuri no tsurugi ni te, Subete no tsumi wo karitori, Aku wo metsu. Wagana wa Hakumen Oshite mairu!
so after I got done with that college stuff on friday it would seem I will need to focus on getting some scholarships down other wise I will have to work or hours or try forcing myself to do art commissions in order to pay that stuff off, and  know for a fact now matter how crazy that would be my body would not be able to handle that. I will need to start on those scharlor ships as soon as tomorrow morning, especially since my drawing/practice drawing will be down this week due to some stuff at work that I am expecting, so hopefully next weekend I may be able to rest my body and do alot of art but regardless it turns out at this point any time I manage to fine on this point in time on a work day through july and into august I will need to improve my art stills even future than I have now. I can see a very long road ahead of me and one thing that makes it alot better for me is having broken free from the stress that were plaguing  me, other wise I may of been putting myself into the ground sooner or later.
if I find the time I will also try and brain storm about some monster concepts I would like to fleshed out or think of ways to dominate my own characters and what not. but at this point what ever free time I have from now on I need to not be lazy on any aspects of my life including art.
but that is all I have to say silva out.
oh yeah small edit here but request and art trades and what not are gonna be put on hold for this, I'm already drawing to day and I find myself a little more driven to improve than i was originally thinking i was gonna be so that that stuff is on hold for now.

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